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Piling on the United PR fiasco

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Watching the United Airlines train wreck unfold in the news and especially across social channels over the past several days has been horrifically educational. Except, perhaps, for the folks in charge at United. Which, frankly, I don’t get. Isn’t this the guy PRWeek awarded “Communicator of the Year” – oh, that was before LeggingsGate and now DraggingGate. And yes, I mean …

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When your QB might miss a few games

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Jeff: Sometimes, the only thing you can do is the only thing you can do. Profound, I know, in its total lack of profundity. But that’s how I felt yesterday afternoon, delivering Laura for the second time in three weeks to the hospital. It looks like she’s going to be there a while. The pancreas is a fickle organ. Laura’s is …

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Stranded in London – at Christmastime!

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Jeff: So here we are, in London, Days longer than planned. And in a London hospital, no less. No Winter Wonderland at Hyde park for us. Pancreatic attack will ruin your trip that way. I suppose that’s the life. When you spend on average one week per month on the road, something like this is bound to happen eventually. We just …

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Ben Carson’s America – a cautionary tale

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Jeff: Chad and I were just discussing final layout for the new Tin Cans Christmas card when yet another round of “Ben Carson’s America” tweets flooded my stream. Thanks to my new Galaxy Gear S2, I’m never far from breaking news or brash stupidity! I Googled the erroneous map and randomly selected one of an entire page of examples. In this …

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‘Safety Check’ connects friends post Paris

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Tim: Friday evening, as Laura was settling in at the Hershey Theatre for a production of the national tour of Matilda, her phone buzzed. News of the terror attacks in France was getting out. We have clients across Europe, among them friends in Paris. Since there was plenty of time til the show was scheduled to start, Laura logged into her Facebook app to try …