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Message misfire or micro-targeted overshoot?

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Jeff: Last week, friends in the biz hollered at me repeatedly, wanting to discuss Ted Cruz and his “New York values” attack line vs Donald Trump. Which side they came down on generally depended on where they lived. The line was apparently tested in Iowa via robo-call surveys before Cruz himself started using it in media interviews. From what I can …

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Pushing business to ‘next year’ (you know, in a couple weeks)

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Jeff: That festive time between Halloween and Valentine’s Day is never quite so festive for the folks in our back office. Or, frankly, the new business team. This is nothing new. This being the seventh year-end cycle for Tin Cans (and this being my 30-something-ish rodeo), you’d think by now we’d be used to it. The business cycle is a funny thing. Many macro-economists …

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Ben Carson’s America – a cautionary tale

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Jeff: Chad and I were just discussing final layout for the new Tin Cans Christmas card when yet another round of “Ben Carson’s America” tweets flooded my stream. Thanks to my new Galaxy Gear S2, I’m never far from breaking news or brash stupidity! I Googled the erroneous map and randomly selected one of an entire page of examples. In this …

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Paris: Still a good idea

In Dealing With Monsters, Marketing 101, The Woo by Laura Stocker1 Comment

Laura: The horrific terrorist attacks in Paris Friday night hit me particularly hard.  Having spent a considerable amount of time in my very favorite city, for both business and personal visits, Paris has always spoken to me. It’s one of those places that always seems welcoming and full of magic.  I’ve been blessed these last few years to spend quite a …