Farewell Tin Cans, Hello Triple Strength!

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Normally, this is the time of year when I start blogging about milestones, how much we’ve accomplished, how much fun it’s been working with our clients, how much I look forward to another great year of service, stuff like that. I do it almost like clockwork for two reasons. First, it’s absolutely true, and I have always found it important to share my utmost appreciation for our clients (and the folks who take care of them!). Second, I’ve always found a milestone to be a perfect opportunity to change course.

Now, most years, changing course has meant adjusting for wind and current, not “hard to starboard!” But, as we round the bend and begin transitioning into our ninth year, I can honestly report that this year’s course correction is a big one. It is, in fact, The One. Yesterday was Tin Cans Marketing’s last day. On Feb. 1, we joined the Triple Strength family.

I’m sorry I didn’t say anything sooner. But we needed to be fair to our clients, many of whom have worked with Tin Cans since long before there even was a Tin Cans. And the same goes for Triple Strength – this is pretty big news, and I thought Hung Nguyen, Triple Strength’s owner and creative director, should be the one to share it.

Let me tell you a little about Triple Strength, a little about why I decided to join Hung’s team.

Let’s start with the obvious. Triple Strength has a 26-year tradition for excellent service, extraordinary technical skills, and unparalleled creative talent. (If that sounds a little marketery, it is. My new title is Director of Marketing.) Seriously, Tin Cans and Triple Strength had a lot in common. For instance, both teams have built a lot of websites. But each has its own strengths, too. For instance, while Tin Cans was primarily focused on strategic marketing, Triple Strength focused on creative design. These complementary differences, now combined, mean Triple Strength can now offer its clients – and its neighbors – a one-stop studio for all of their design and marketing-related needs.

Honestly, the only thing I expect our clients to notice about this merger (beyond the obvious name change) is just how much better things are for them.

Joining Triple Strength was a solid business decision, one Tin Cans clients will come to appreciate in innumerable ways. But for me, this was a personal call. When the idea of mergers and acquisitions was first floated a few months ago, I initially balked. The folks working with me at Tin Cans are like family, and I dreaded the thought of breaking up the band. I also worried that after years of sitting in the captain’s seat, I might not be very good at working for someone else.

Then Hung and I started talking about the possibilities, and what it could mean for us, our employees and, ultimately, our clients, if Tin Cans were to join Triple Strength. I was hooked by those possibilities. (I am a little sad that some Tin Cans folks chose to move on. But I see great things for their futures and wish them all the best – they’re still my family even if we don’t wear matching polos on the Vegas strip anymore.) But more than that, I almost can’t contain my excitement for what’s just around the corner.

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